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Hi, I'm Daniel H. Pham

I understand how hard it is to break out of your comfort zone while settling and following the pack is so easy. I know loss and heartbreak and the devastation of losing everything and building back stronger.


If you’re considering a positive change, please don’t hesitate to schedule a free call with me.

After an extensive career in corporate America, I have since become a full-time location-independent entrepreneur or “digital nomad”. I work, travel, build communities, and play all at the same time. This is a lifestyle, and I have become an expert in the process.

In addition to coaching, I run Silver Creek Insights as Founder & CEO, all remotely.


In addition to coaching, I run Silver Creek Insights as Founder and CEO, all remotely. I have also built other ventures, including AI AmpedNexus Level, and the Business Mindshare

What is Lifestyle Design?

Lifestyle design is about living your true legend, your life on your terms. Doing what you want, when you want. Lifestyle Design is freedom.

Visualize your dream life. When we are honest with ourselves, we define our values, goals, passions, and interests. Equally important, we identify what we do not want. By understanding what drives us and what makes us happy, we have a personal blueprint around these priorities.

Your limiting beliefs, blockers, and anchors are restricting you to your comfort zone - a scary place where no growth happens and mediocrity is accepted.

Do not settle for less than you deserve. Our time in this world is limited, and tomorrow is not promised today. 

You are not alone. I am here to help guide you as a resource and as a friend on your journey to the next level.

Cheers to your next chapter. May it be the best one yet.




This is your sign to redesign your life.

"Daniel Pham is a business professional with a strong grasp on personal connections. From large business social mixers to wellness groups, he has a keen ability for understanding, interpreting and problem solving. His travels give him a unique ability to offer deeper perspective in all aspects of life and his business experience and connections pull it all together. Daniel is someone who has helped me in many ways and continues to inspire me."

Jaime VandenBerg, Fashion Model, Miss World Canada 2023

“Daniel has been both a friend and a colleague, and is someone I would wholeheartedly recommend to any of my own connections for business advice or lifestyle coaching. He has a natural ability to connect with people, build relationships, and create new opportunities…He has a gift for motivating, inspiring & empowering people to achieve their full potential. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a mentor or coach to put their trust in Daniel.”

Janette Allen, Coach & Author 

"Daniel and I discussed coaching principles when I was coming off a rough 2021 triathlon season and I was considering quitting the sport. Dan asked me some really thought provoking questions. Conversations with Dan led me to see 2022 as nothing other than an opportunity. I came home, trained harder than ever, addressed some lessons learned, and went into the race season with the fire burning hotter than ever. I had breakthrough season in 2022, including earning a qualification slot for the 2023 World Triathlon Multisport Championships in ibiza.”

Gareth Neufeld, Elite-Level Triathlon Athlete, Ironman

"Dan coached me through starting my first business. He was a guide, a supporter, a cheerleader, a mirror. That business was successful and along the way we became lifelong friends. Dan is refreshingly authentic, puts people above business, and doesn't work that hard (seriously!) yet is somehow always successful. I can’t recommend him strongly enough.”

Nick Sowden, Former Cofounder, CEO @ Penda Health

"I had a little girl this year (2022). She's the best but my Work-Life balance was a train wreck. Either my work suffered or my relationships did. Having worked my butt off to create a great life for my family, I refused to go backward. I wanted tools to design my life around productivity and freedom. This guy was jet-setting around the world, running businesses, AND in a healthy relationship. He’s charismatic, cultured, and empathetic. I never left a meeting without something actionable. And Dan always managed to relate his expertise to my own experiences which made applying them that much easier. It’s been over a year and I still go to him for guidance. If you’re: In a rut, feeling lost, looking for meaning, or simply trying to reinvent yourself…I cannot recommend Dan highly enough. I am certain he will change your life.”

Eric Hansen, CEO @ BurstBilling

"I had recently gone full remote with my job but didn’t know how to take advantage of it. I had always wanted to work remote outside of the country, maybe from an exotic beach destination, but didn’t know anyone, how to do it, or where to start. On a whim I booked a short trip to Mexico City where I met Daniel. Over the course of my stay there we became great friends and he gave me a playbook of how to make friends in new cities, and design a life I always dreamed of doing. Now I’m working remotely from different exciting cities across Latin America and the Caribbean, know how to make friends, and finally living the life I always wanted to do.”

Archer Hobson, Entrepreneur & Engineer

"Naturally Daniel makes everyone around him feel very comfortable, which makes it easy to open up about challenges and problems in your current living situation, so you can shift these situations. Daniel has a very unique way of pushing you out of your comfort zone, with no pressure but with the power to make the shifts you needed to make. Before working with Daniel I was often doubting if can build with Numerology a successful business and reach people with this Modality. After working with Daniel, I felt so much more confident in myself and in making sales, it suddenly felt natural and not pressured, exactly what I was looking for. Daniel is always a big cheerleader on my side and I love to pick his brain on business strategy and marketing. I can only recommend working with him.”

Vanessa Gruebel,

 Numerologist, Astrologist

"Daniel has played an integral role in building up the community of entrepreneurs here in Mexico City. The Business Mindshare group he founded went from 6 of us meeting on a regular basis to a group of over 500 and is now the largest networking group in Mexico City. Many solid connections have been made, and useful information shared among members."

Graeme Luey, Director @ Hashtag Gallery

Contact me for a free consultation. Customized programs and pricing after an initial conversation.

The Vida Method

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